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what do we offer

*Personalized nutrition plans

*Personal Training

*contest preperations

*1on1 training

*group training

*body building classes

Mo morales

strength/conditioning Coach
Age: 38yrs
Location: Urban iron gym
fontana, ca

background: coach mo is a combat marine veteran. he like many veterans was injured in combat back at the begining of the war in iraq. the lack of exercise and severe mental trauma had him ballon to a crazy 400 lbs with 50% body fat. the issues were so bad the va decided to pay for an evasive procedure to reduce his food intake. deciding to make changes physically, mentaly, and nutritionally with our certified nutritionist he was able to to cut 200 lbs and drop from 50% to 12% body fat all within the same year. the picture above is about 2-3 months after the initial weight of 400 lbs.

Jason Ramirez

NPC/ Men's Physique/ Coach
Age: 33yrs
Location: Urban iron gym
fontana, ca

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