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urban wars
(fitness expo)


Urban Expo was created as an Association of small businesswithin SoCal,

with the understanding of community and fitness support. These brands have established an opportunity for the fitness culture and small business an opportunity to blend and support one another. In this climate of our country it is time we unite together in an understanding of community support. 

Here at Urban Expo we have created a fitness exposition comprised of fitness with entrepreneurship in this gathering of fitness enthusiast and vendors learning and enjoying one another with family, fun, fitness, food and more. We are proud to service our community in fitness not only through the services we provide through our Veteran owned and operated gym, but proceeds from each event goes toward Agape Ministries, a non-profit organization that gives Veterans and the community job opportunity and overall wellness support through fitness.  

Our fitness expositions are funded by donations and our membership dues, simply to give back to our community as this is what we stand for. We are U.S. Marine Veterans who operate this gym on the principals of selflessness, integrity and honor. We are proud patriots and serve everyone in their goals through fitness, nutrition and mental health. 

 -Urban iron gym

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